Personalised pieces

Linking brand awareness with artisanal sustainability.

Corporate Events

Create personalised, branded pieces for your business or company

Set your business apart and have your company name or logo on display, keeping it front of mind for your clients, customers and your sustainably-minded employees.

What do we offer?

• Branded tumblers for desk or meeting tables.
• Branded vases to elevate your reception area.
• Branded water jug & tumbler set


Linking brand awareness with artisanal sustainability.


Gifts & Ideas

Birthday parties

Custom etch name their name, birthday, star sign, a special nickname or phrase they use often.


Bridal party thank you sets or a tumbler for every guest (option to be made from bottle stock saved from your event making your special day environmentally friendly)

Other events


There’s no better feeling than gift-giving. Upcycled Glassware can create the perfect, personalised gift you love to give.