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DUO Taller

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Heights & shapes vary which allows for individuality and a unique offering with each vase.

Go for the DUO Taller to add height or when simple elegance is required.

We love the DUO Shorty for shorter stems or when a bold statement is required.

Product Information

The DUO Vase - two vases in one.

Remove the insert and use the base, or "The Original", for a bunch or thicker stems.

With the insert in place, single or thinner stems are held beautifully.


Each DUO Vase comes with two pieces. The base, or better known in our studio as “the original” plus a removable insert.  

The base & insert together create the DUO Vase.

🌏 Each vase has reduced landfill by at least 1x bottle.

Care information

Both base and insert can be placed in the dishwasher but we recommend handwashing.

DUO Styling