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This fabulous glass pouring vessel made its debut at the The Melbourne Design Fair and was promptly sold out within hours! 

Each EcoPour is a bespoke piece of functional art.  Crafted to be more than just a vessel you pour from, EcoPour brings a little piece of luxury to your desk, table, office or showroom. No matter what the occasion the EcoPour adds that little something extra.

Each piece is unique in colour and design.  Heights are approximate.

Our Gallery Range pieces are limited and while the EcoPour is available to order on the website, crafting of each piece will only commence once your order is received.  We estimate production of 2 weeks.  Once we receive the order you will be contacted with an estimated timeframe to completion.

Add a little piece of luxury to your everyday pour - EcoPour

Pricing per 1x EcoPour

Product Information

The EcoPour is available in two sizes (H26 & H30), each size with unique design elements.

Reducing at least two bottle segments from landfill, these Upcycled Glassware pieces are sustainable 2nd lift manufacturing highlights.

Each piece is a unique creation.


The EcoPour is available in two sizes (H26 & H30), each size with unique design elements.

The H 26cm EcoPour is made from at least two different bottles, brought together to showcase simplicity with refinement.

The H30cm EcoPour is made from at least three different segments bringing together complexity, form and function.

The bespoke nature allows for multiple pieces to be showcased together elevating each piece as the highlight piece.

Care information

Hand wash only!

😵 Placing in dishwasher may shorten the product life.

Not suitable for hot liquid.

Not suitable for placing in the refrigerator.

Who is Tanya Reinli


Use your own bottles, design an etch, or define a specific height.  Send us an email to start your custom EcoPour journey.