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Gin to Win

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The name says is all "Gin to Win".  Each spirit bottle has unique design elements and it's these elements which formed the basis of how the Gin to Win jar came to be.

Gin is the bottle of choice for the base of these jars and whether it is the shape or the colour elements the bottle comes with, each Gin to Win is it's own piece of functional art.

Each jar comes complete with a base and top.  Each top complete with a hand blown glass ring.  Bases, tops & rings are frosted or clear or a combination of both.  With never two  jars crafted exactly the same your Gin to Win jar is as individual as you.

Gin to Win jars are not a stocked item and may take time to produce.  Please email us on the contact page BEFORE you puchase if you require your jar by a certain date or have any questions.

Dimensions of each jar varies.  Approximate height 14cm

Product Information

The bespoke nature allows for multiple pieces to be showcased together elevating each piece as the highlight piece.


As each piece is a unique creation some variation may occur in sizing.

Reducing at least three bottle segments from landfill, these Upcycled Glassware pieces are sustainable 2nd life manufacturing highlights.

Care information

Hand wash only!

😵 Washing through a dishwasher cycle is not recommended and may shorten the product life.

Who is Tanya Reinli


Use your own bottles, design an etch, or define a specific height.  Send us an email to start your bespoke upcycled glassware journey.