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Smoky Amber

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At 12.5cm with a broad span and dimpled base this tumbler is for those with a big thirst. A tumbler for a drink that makes a statement. Tumbler characteristics are smoky, alluring, bold and weighty.  Perfect mix and match with Overtly Olive in the same height.

At 9.5cm this is a substantial tumbler with bottom dimple.  Broad & bold with a smoky colour that lends itself to any drink you desire.  A perfect mix & match for the Shorty Overtly Olive & Luscious Lime family.

All sizes approximate only

Price = per tumbler

Product Information

Each tumbler range created has been carefully considered and made with love. Whether you choose a pure tumbler or one which has been etched, know your purchase is part of a solution.


🌏 Each tumbler has reduced landfill by at least 1x bottle.

Care information

Dishwasher safe.

We encourage the use of mild detergents for both the polish on the glass and the planet.



Use your own bottles, design an etch, or define a specific height.  Send us an email to start your custom tumbler journey. Corporate and hospitality enquiries welcome.